About LocalAir

Delivering Low-Cost, Accurate Air Quality Sensing during a Pandemic

The Problem

In South Florida, residents are now required to wear masks during the pandemic. We see research highlighting that air pollution worsens COVID-19 and Harvard Research supports that air pollution is associated with COVID-19 death rate.

What is LocalAir?

 Local Air seeks to help cities and it's residents understand how the choices they make can impact emissions, local air quality, and COVID-19. We are piloting sensors in urban communities and a digital tool to help the public understand this.

What do sensors measure?

CO, NO2, SO2, and O3, as well as PM 1, PM 2.5, and PM 10, along with temperature and humidity.

Are we watching you?

No, we have no cameras or mics installed.

How does it send data?

Data is sent through an LTE cellular chip to the cloud while readings happen hourly. 

What will the data be used for?

  • To help cities track patterns of air pollution over time.
  • Data will be made open to the public.
  • Help inform residents about the quality of air

Sensors - How They Look

Project Timeline (90-days)


Explore - Identify high traffic locations that can support sensors.


Install- Sensors are wrapped around poles with supporting flyers for residents.


Launch- We start collecting data and by first month send a report.


Test- In the first 30 days, we begin doing user research on what residents think.


Public- Data is released to the public via Data Portal and we share a report.


City of Miami

Local Government

We partnered with City of Miami’s Department of Innovation and Technology.



Local Government

We are partnering with Department of Transportation & Public Works.

Space Called Tribe

Non-Profit Partner

We partnered with an Urban Innovation Lab and Co-work space.

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